Türkiye's first spirit writer, Mehmet Yalcin, tells the story and secrets of the world's favorite hard drink. We taste the six different whiskeys from such selected samples of the Johnnie Walker palette, which has left its 200th anniversary behind, accompanied by the delicious snacks of Acanthus & Cennet chefs, and we go on a journey in the colorful world of Scottish whiskey, accompanied by the photographs and films.

Türkiye's first spirit writer, Mehmet Yalcin, has held the positions ranging from the correspondent to chief editor in news agencies and magazines since 1984. In 1997-2001, he published Gurme, which is the art of living magazine, within Sabah Magazine Group. In 2001, he founded Gusto, the first spirit culture magazine in Türkiye, and he published it for a period of 13 years.

Yalcin, who started journalism as a judicial reporter, trained himself in time with respect to the wines and spirits, which are his hobby, and this hobby turned into a spirit writer in 1990. In addition to his book A'dan Z'ye Viski (Whiskey from A to Z), which he wrote together with Teoman Hunal, and which has three editions so far, his book A'dan Z'ye Sarap (Vine from A to Z), which he published for the first time in 2003, has 10 editions so far. He also published A'dan Z'ye Bira (Beer from A to Z) in 2014.

In 2022, Yalcin was considered worthy of the capacity "Keeper", which means the whiskey knighthood, by the Keepers of The Quaich, which is the most important non-governmental organization of Scottish whiskey.

Yalcin, who has participated in the numerous wine and spirits tastings and trainings throughout the world, has worked as a columnist for the Sunday supplements of Sabah and Milliyet newspapers for a period of 17 years, in addition to working as a consultant and instructor. Yalcin still writes his weekly articles in Türkiye's most widely read independent internet newspaper, t24.com.tr, and he writes up the "Kucuk Yudumlar" (Little Sips) column in Sunset Restaurant's Sunsetter magazine.

His previous and new articles, TV shows, videos and magazine interviews are available on mehmetyalcin.org.

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