Our Philosophy

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Barut Hotels Felsefesi

A perfect holiday designed with eye-catching details

For a half century, Barut Hotels has represented the excitement of a Mediterranean holiday worldwide, with quality, courtesy and creativity.

Our story began in 1971, in a hidden paradise accessible only by the sea. The first facility was named for its location: Cennet (Paradise). The addition of Acanthus began a long tradition of ‘pure perfection’. Then Hemera, Arum and Barut Lara ... Andız, Sorgun, Kemer, Akra, Fethiye and others followed, the new heroes of happiness in this hospitality fairytale.

Almost half of our guests make us proud by their repeat visits. Every year we become an even larger family, with nearly 300,000 guests. We write our history with our extended and happy community, transforming our passion for human, nature, history and art into a beautiful and high quality presentation. Share a season with us, and you\'ll see how the sun warms hearts in the Mediterranean.


Our smiles are part of our philosophy: We design and offer unique experiences for our guests at Barut Hotels.


Grace makes a place attractive and simplicity makes it highly livable. All places are the result of detail, harmony and ergonomics.


The smiles from our happy team are genuine.   Barut professionals achieve happiness with your comfort and peace.

Our Perspective on Accommodation

Meet artworks that relax your soul and mind.

Barut Hotels appreciates style and distinction.  You will understand the Barut concepts better when you observe the works of art on our walls. In fact, every moment of life is art for us. Your experience and accommodation, our special tastes and cocktails, our friendly team, and our activities at the hotels are our most successful expressions of art.

The right choices are important for a perfect experience.

Do you want to explore your environment, rent a car or hire a carer for your child? We love to take care of our guests and to help them. In fact, this is the most important part of Turkish hospitality. We provide our guests with a quality experience rich in warmth and sincerity. While you enjoy your stay at Barut Hotels, we can help you discover the most beautiful places in Antalya, Fethiye and Side.

Keep enjoying better experiences.

At Barut Hotels, we transform the standard of accommodation into pure pleasure with soft cotton bed linens, stylish lighting and unique Mediterranean views. We take our guests on a wide-ranging culinary journey with gourmet delicacies in our restaurants, our bars and at our open buffet. With our soft entertainment concept, we offer you high quality activities.

We continue to grow while respecting nature and humanity.

Ali Ihsan Barut, the founder of Barut Hotels, has always attached importance to the environment and nature. Inspired by Ali İhsan Barut, we use products that we grow ourselves in some of our meals and prepare them in their most natural form. We use recycled wood and a smart card system in the design of our rooms.
 · Recycled Wood Furniture, 
· Organic Agriculture, 
· Palm Trees, 
· Energy Saving Systems, 
· Water and Electricity Conservation, 
· Environment Friendly Products

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