Our General Managers have a message for you

Dear Guests,

We, as Barut Hotels, have hosted many guests from many countries since our establishment, and grew up with different generations. You, including 40% of our guests who feel our hotel as if home and visit us repeatedly, have frequently asked ‘when we will open ’’.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest.

We, as Barut Hotels, daily keep up-to-date with all relevant public institutions, organizations and authorities, including especially World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey during the pandemic. We rapidly implement all of the guidelines published with respect to the pandemic, including mainly the hygiene. We inform our employees through frequent online trainings that we organize. We keep all of the hotels and employees of our group ready to start operation at any time. We are also ready to implement the new guidelines to be published rapidly and carefully. 

It is announced that the number of cases is very low compared to that of many regions and countries due to the immediate precautions taken in the coastal regions where our hotels, the season opening of which have been postponed as the flights have been canceled due to closed international air spaces, are located. We also observe an increase in the rate of recovery from the disease and a decrease in the number of new cases in Turkey and Europe, which is a pleasing development for us. We hope to start to run our hotels in June, depending on the national and international flights which we hope to be started gradually in June. 

We would like to remind you that current news about our group is available at our social media platforms and websites.

We hope that you, your family and all your loved ones are in good health, and we wish you happy and healthy days.

Barut Hotels

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