BAYOU Villas, where Lara Barut Collection, operating within the organization of Barut Hotels, offers a brand-new accommodation experience, opened on October 1

Lara Barut Collection opened BAYOU VILLAS, where it has brought a new dimension to the hotel accommodation experience through its meticulous and innovative approach, on October 1.

Being innovative, unique and beyond dreams, BAYOU Villas host its guests at 24 private villas in 25 thousand m2. With 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms in an area ranging from 250 m2 to 1.000 m2, each villa has its own private garden and swimming pools with fresh and salt water.

BAYOU Villas intends to offer premium service to its guests and has been designed with a unique approach to fulfill all kinds of expectations of the guests with its enchanting exotic gardens, several villa types featuring various privileges such as gym, SPA, Turkish bath, piano, massage room, and fully equipped kitchen. BAYOU villas are adorned with original artworks.

The residents of BAYOU Villas enjoy eye- and palate-pleasing delicacies at WEIK A La Carte Restaurant, which serves exclusively for them and have moments of pleasure at Bayou Lounge with signature cocktails and premium flavors. The guests will also have the opportunity to enjoy all the privileges offered by Lara Barut Collection on an area of 110,000-sqm, including the lush gardens, restaurants appealing to different palates, shows, sports activities, and concept events, whenever they wish, without any limitation.

BAYOU Villas

October 2022
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