Our hygiene certificates and the hygiene practices, being implemented by us within the organization of our enterprise due to the Covid-19, are accessible through here.

Social Responsibility

Get informed on the projects we carry out for nature and humans.


Barut Hotels take responsibility for the care of the Mediterranean and all its beauties.

With respect for environment as one of its main principles, Barut Hotels names certain facilities with inspiration from these natural riches, grows ornamental plants in its own greenhouses, and shares these products with all its guests. Barut Hotels, which provides almost all of the Mediterranean citrus needs from its gardens maintained by experts, establishes greenhouses for growing seasonal ornamental plants and for the necessary maintenance of indoor landscape plants. Certain plants and trees grown in these greenhouses are used outdoors.

Barut Hotels, which respects nature and its seasonal cycles, contributes to the unique nature of the Mediterranean by offering a healthy holiday to its guests with organic delicacies.

We are proud to have been able to offer all our guests health, freshness and taste for 48 years as a host in this unique Mediterranean nature.

Our professionals, who make not only the summers but all seasons into happiness, are with you for your entire life.


Barut Hotels reflects its structure, formed by a refined approach to entertainment, gastronomy and art and culture.

Barut Hotels takes steps to create a collection of art presented for your pleasure. Every corner of our facilities features original, distinctive art works. The sculptures of Zeynep Eren, revealing the secrets of fertile Anatolia; Akın Akbaygil, Canan Dağdelen, Osman Dinç, Ettore Sottsass, Günnur Özsoy, and Ebru Tabak's live ceramics; leading names in contemporary Turkish painting and graphic art such as İsmet Doğan, Ömer Uluç, Bülent Erkmen, Mine Ertan, Murat Morova, Emre Senan, await you in every corner of our facilities.

Believing in the mission of creating a volunteer culture and as an art ambassador of tourism, Barut Hotels is determined to enrich its collection with the works of our country's artists. Our aim is to welcome you with a wide selection of gastronomy and folklore, art and literature, and to share with you the modest summaries of the art and culture in our facilities, which are a perfect summary of the Mediterranean... Our business, our brand and friendship will be more valuable.

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