Resilience in Tourism Through a Safe Corridor

Safe Tourism Certification Program

A family or a couple, dreams of a holiday in Antalya with luxurious dining, picture-perfect pools, extensive activity line-up, a cabana bed with waiter service, rooftop cocktail bar with fantastic sunset views, luxurious facilities, high-quality service and great entertainment they know and love. That’s what made them travel all the way from home to the destination of their choice. Now placing the word COVID-19 somewhere in between the description of this beautiful holiday dream will make it also include the words “where it is assured that all measures are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in a pandemic period”. This is how pandemic realities are now blended with the dreams of our guests for rendering a safe and trustworthy holiday experience in pandemic conditions. That’s where exactly the Safe Tourism Certification Program comes in place; to open up space for our guests, rest them assured where they don’t need to ask questions with “what if” and take their step to realise the holidays they dream of. 

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