Appealing to all senses, Barut Collection, the luxury hotel located on the Turkish Riviera, has been granted the Sustainable Tourism Certificate recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the leading environment and sustainability platform in the world.  Having already satisfied the criteria required to be completed by 2030 as per the agreement signed between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and GSTC, Lara Barut Collection has also reaped the fruits of its long-term sustainability efforts with this certificate.

Situated in Kundu, Antalya, where Barut Hotels, one of the well-established Turkish hotel brands operating since 1971, has been presenting its unrivaled experience with a unique and novel concept, Lara Barut Collection has marked an important achievement in sustainable tourism: it has satisfied the top-level criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the leading sustainable tourism platform in the world, for sustainable management and contribution to social, cultural and environmental life. In this context, the sustainable tourism efforts of Lara Barut Collection have been internationally recognized and rewarded with a certificate. The founding members of GTSC consist of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the non-governmental organization Rainforest Alliance, and the United Nations Foundation.

The new route of Turkey: Sustainable Tourism

The agreement signed between Turkey and GSTC aims to ensure that Turkey becomes more competitive in the world in sustainable tourism, which becomes increasingly important. According to the agreement signed, three-stage criteria have been determined for hotels to meet until 2030. Having been long adopting and practicing sustainability as one of its primary strategies, Lara Barut Collection has already fully satisfied the criteria thanks to its efforts towards social life, cultural heritage, natural life, and administrative duties. Sustainable Tourism Certificate it has thus received further adds to its success in this field.

The first hotel in the Mediterranean region to obtain a Green Energy Certificate

 Lara Barut Collection plays a role in the fight against the climate crisis and the unconscious consumption of natural and underground resources through collaborations as part of the We Care All project. Fully powered by green energy to reduce its carbon footprint and promote the use of renewable energy, Lara Barut Collection also stands out for being the first hotel in the Mediterranean region to obtain the Green Energy Certificate – together with Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection, affiliated to the same group. As part of projects such as We Care All, where Lara Barut Collection adopts a holistic approach, it demonstrates great sensitivity to social, cultural, and environmental issues. It acts with common sense through the projects and suggestions from the committees on savings, innovation, and the environment. It focuses its attention on reducing the amount of plastic and waste, use of local products and working with local suppliers when purchasing, preventing water waste, utilization of solar power, and providing employees with training on environment and sustainability.

“Lara’s story” promotes and inspires natural life

How Lara Barut Collection took care of Caretta Caretta that was in bad health conditions because of eating too much plastic as a result of environmental pollution and its contributions to this Caretta Caretta's treatment, which took 1.5 years, also shows how decisive and sincere it is when bringing this approach into life. Having inspired several similar efforts, "Lara's story" has also become the symbol of the efforts of Lara Barut Collection against environmental pollution and damage to the seas, in favor of all living creatures. This inspiring journey of Lara was monitored via satellite device with the contribution of the Lara Barut Collection and was followed by 90 thousand of people on the Internet.

Project shedding light on cultural heritage: Ancient City of Side

Having started to operate in Side, Antalya, Barut Hotels, with which Lara Barut Collection is affiliated, has long been making efforts towards preserving cultural heritage and developing sustainable tourism. It also contributes to the archaeological studies running in Side, which had been an important trading and port city throughout history, and sheds light on the history of humanity.

Universal delicacies from local cuisine

In addition to the development of projects on the social and economic welfare of the local people, Lara Barut Collection includes dishes made with products from local suppliers in its menu. Having been operating within its organization since 2017 and named after a kind of legume unique to Antalya, Tirmis A la Carte offers local delicacies to its guests from all over the world.

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