Hygiene of TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun certified

"Excellence in Hygiene" certificate to TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun!

Eczacibasi Profesyonel, the leading brand of non-household consumer industry, keeps increasing the hygiene standards across enterprises under the project "Excellence in Hygiene" launched in 2017. Passing the periodical audits performed as part of this project, TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun has been entitled to receive the "Excellence in Hygiene" certificate. Presenting the certificate in the ceremony organized in Antalya, Pelin Ozbilgin, Marketing Director of Eczacibasi Profesyonel, said that hygiene is the prerequisite for customer loyalty and continuity at the enterprises.

Launched by Eczacibasi Profesyonel in 2017 with the aim of increasing the cleaning and hygiene standards of enterprises and enhancing the customer satisfaction, "Excellence in Hygiene" project is ongoing. Going through audit, follow-up and protection processes as part of the project which intends to achieve the perfect hygiene standards in three steps, TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun Hotel has been entitled to receive "Excellence in Hygiene" certificate. Birgul Akgul, Marketing and Corporate Communication Manager of Barut Hotels, delivered the keynote speech at the certificate presentation ceremony organized on December 11 at Akra Barut Hotel in Antalya.

Receiving the Excellence in Hygiene Certificate, Cagdas Akkaya, General Manager of TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun Hotel, said "We have been entitled to receive this certificate thanks to the contributions of all our team members after a 6-month intense and precise process. We, as Barut Hotels, have been working to ensure our customers' satisfaction for half a century. We have already known that we are good at delivering our services at high hygiene standards; however, we brought our practices to perfection with the Excellence in Hygiene Certificate granted by Eczacibasi Profesyonel. We will keep doing our best to make it sustainable. We would like to extend our thanks to the team of Eczacibasi Profesyonel, supporting us in every matter during this process."

It is aimed to achieve perfect hygiene standards in 3 steps

Excellence in Hygiene project is carried out in 3 phases; namely audit, follow-up and protection. Founded within the organization of Eczacibasi Profesyonel, EP Academy performs assessment through reviews on the current status of the enterprise jointly with the expert consultants' team. In the subsequent follow-up phase, it is aimed to achieve standardization in hygiene with regular visits and trainings. In the protection phase, hygiene standards achieved at the enterprise are protected, cleaning costs are minimized and time saving is ensured a result of regular visits at, and right practices of the enterprise. In addition, the level of hygiene awareness of sector professionals, serving at the enterprise, is raised. Enterprises, which succeed in passing all these 3 steps, are entitled to receive "Excellence in Hygiene" certificate.

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