A new segment, a new Barut Experience.
A more elegant, sophisticated style…
From 1st of April 2019
Without a doubt, every country has its flagship brands. As one of the nation’s longest-established hotel brands since 1971, BARUT Hotels have a well-earned place among the world’s tourism brands.
Millions of returning guests, millions of smiles, millions of memories, hundreds of awards and - most important - the huge appreciation and love of all the guests hosted over a half century.

Proud to be ranked among the world’s most respected tourism brands, and enhancing our facilities each day, BARUT Hotels renews itself by leveraging its unique experience, happiness and richness of choice with creative touches, like every collection owner.
The Acanthus & Cennet, Arum, Lara and Kemer hotels welcome guests with a unique, elegant and new concept:


A holiday experience where every detail is considered and designed with sincerity…where each moment is cherished…and guests cannot wait to return!

BARUT COLLECTION hotels offer a holiday that is more than just a holiday with the Stylish-All all-inclusive concept.

“Much more” of everything with the Stylish-All concept

176 local and imported drinks

À la carte breakfast

Food service
all day and night
(24 hours)
(Lara and Kemer hotels)

Food service all day
all day
(8AM-11 PM)
(Acanthus & Cennet,
and Arum hotels)

“Mindful” eating with the tablet menu app

Unlimited and free
á la carte restaurants

at breakfast

Vegan and
buffets in the main restaurants

Reservation through
the app and online,
without waiting in a queue

Check-in option with the tablet app

Turn-down service

Spa services
until midnight

Mobile phone-free
tranquil areas

Beach areas
exclusive for adults

Mini Club
operating from
10:00 till 23:00
(from 01.06.2019
to 30.09.2019)

24 hours Whatsapp
concierge service